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About Us

HCB Financial Group comprises mainly of HCB Trust Ek. för., National Federal Capital Ltd. and Hudson Global Capital Ltd. An independent and privately owned group, it combines highly-focused strategies to manage, organize and provide banking, securities, trade derivatives and financial services to corporations, financial institutions and individuals throughout the world.

With a specialist advisory team in every department, HCB Financial Group is able to develop and implement an integrated risk management system, backed by dynamic analytical tools, to evaluate and consolidate all material risks even during times of market turmoil that deliver attractive absolute returns.

Armed with this pragmatic perspective, the Group's diverse approach enables them to benefit from market volatility and jurisdictional difference while operating with a business model that is essentially borderless and coupled with a risk-aware culture in HCB Financial Group; it equates returns and security that provides the core paradigm for their management balance sheet and capital base.

In any assignment, the Group’s principal objective is to help provide its specialized facilities to their clients, enabling the participants to extract maximum value in enhancing their financial standings.